Lying across from Altice Arena Hall on the other side of the truck entrance tunnel and equally availing direct onstage access for any equipment, whatever its size, Tejo Hall is a fantastic 2,200-square metre venue providing an average ceiling height of 12 metres. It benefits from natural illumination and is accessed by a separate lobby.

This Hall can operate as a separate venue for smaller scale events or as a backstage or a complementary, support facility to Altice Arena Hall.

Whether as a mega dressing room or as handy temporary stables for an equestrian show, an adjoining banquet hall or a separate exhibition room, Tejo Hall can host about any type of event.

This Hall’s versatility was tested to the limit when it was transformed into the temporary head office of the European Union Presidency for the duration of the recent Portuguese Presidency, operating as an entirely separate building within a building.

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