Arena Atlântico SA

Arena Atlântico SA


To contribute to the success of client events and the obtaining of maximum results at each event, by providing integrated, quality services at the venues we manage, on a sustainable basis.


To turn ARENA ATLÂNTICO, S.A., into a leading organisation of choice, domestically and abroad, based on its ability to manage, enhance, and continuously innovate on the venues under its management, with the main objective of achieving client satisfaction and merit recognition at all times.


In june 2007, Arena Atlântico, S.A. hosted another successful event when it became the first arena accredited by the EAA to have its Quality Management System certified for compliance with the NP EN ISO 9001:2000 Standard, in the category Multipurpose Facilities Management and Provision of Integrated, Quality Event Hosting Services.

In 2009, Arena Atlântico, S.A. ended the first cycle, comprising three years, which certifies its Quality Management System, according to the new standard NP EN ISO 9001:2008.

Quality policy
One hears often that “the future is being built with every passing day”. It’s with that spirit that ARENA ATLÂNTICO, S.A. strives to build the present while thinking on the future, at all times. And that’s why abiding by our QUALITY POLICY and applying it at every turn has become a key feature of our daily routine.
Focus and validate our goals and aims in order to acquire increasing ability to address the needs of our customers, on an on-going basis.

By conforming to the requirements of our Quality Management System and by enhancing our strategy to ensure top management’s commitment to quality, at all times, we can confidently say that we have found many benefits arising from applying our quality policy:
> Meeting our customers’ requirements, and enhancing our ability to ascertain their real needs, and thereby managing to ensure their entire satisfaction with our services;
> Training, appraising, and motivating personnel in order to obtain top performance and thereby ensure their satisfaction;
> Defining perfectly unambiguous channels of communication and thereby stimulating the effectiveness of team work, and promoting increased levels of achievement;
> Promoting team work at every level and areas of activity of the organisation;
> Effectively managing our internal and external communications, as well as building up our corporate image;
> Reducing our running expenses by improving the efficiency of our resources management, and namely our water and energy resources consumption, by expanding our recycling and waste separation processing initiatives;
> Enhancing the public nature of our company and thereby fostering our role as an organisation that engages in initiatives of unequivocal social benefit;
> Improving our relationships with suppliers and clients by fostering the formation of alliances, while striving to improve all our services and to enhance our business prospects, on an on-going basis;

In conclusion and in summary, we are confident that by embracing our QUALITY POLICY as a core value and component of our organisation and systems we shall be able to perform better, with higher productivity, and with increased levels of satisfaction.