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Tarja Turunen, the symphonic metal diva, returns to Portugal in March 2020 to show her new album of originals, “In The Raw”.

On March 7th of the following year, the public is having once more the opportunity to surrender to Tarja´s Charming presence, who returns eventually to our country to present “In The Raw”, her latest album of originals, with the edition date scheduled for the coming August 30th. In this visit, which is the fifth one of this charismatic artist, after her debut visit in the summer of 2005 at the “Vilar de Mouros” Festival, and when still Tarja belonged to the Nightwish, as well as having other three colossal performances at Aula Magna, in Lisbon 2012, 2014 and 2016, the symphonic metal diva for excellence is now coming onto Altice Arena stage, in Lisbon, promising to show herself more vulnerable and aggressive than ever before. 

As a solo singer for the Finn National Opera, either singing in a church or holding her rock fans attention in a very convincing way and in various arenas around the world, TARJA is a true phenomenon. When you think in a soprano lyrical singer associated to heavy metal, it is unavoidable not think in her name in the first place, the Finn born singer, Tarja Soile Susanna Turunen-Cabul, born on August 17th 1977. Between 1996 and 2005, Tarja became known at international level as frontwoman for the Nightwish band, detaching herself from the author of “Once”, launched a solo career, supported by a sequence of superb performances where she constantly finds herself splitting between rock, heavy metal and pop opera. Tarja represents in perfection the versatility of her enormous talent.

Unfortunately, as it has been used in popular sayings, “not all that glitter is gold” and the truth is, not all that is gold necessarily glitters. It was based on this concept that this Finnish singer got inspired to start working on her 7th solo album, “In The Raw”. Gold, as we think, is something polished and perfect, sophisticated, a luxury, but in its natural estate., it is a raw element, explains Tarja. This could also be a perfect description to the music we listen in the applauded successor song “The Shadow Self”, from 2016: a powerful hybrid and sophisticated orchestration, choir, her voice classically rehearsed (still sounding so impressive as usual) and a dark, heavy musical base, which brings up a touching honest sound.

TARJA BIOGRAPHIA During the last two decades, the soprano singer Tarja Turunen has become one of the most shinning stars of the Finn rock metal and at an international level, one of the most famous faces in the music world. Tarja started her studies in music, in a musical institute in Puhos when she was only 6. When she turned 15 she moved to the picturesque Savolinna where she acquired the category of a dedicated student, passing in all exams with remarkable grades in the history of the local secondary school. Following that, she applied to the well-known Sibelius Academy, specialized in sacred music and classical singing.

Apart from developing vocal technique, she was forced to study piano, not only as a hobby. Her effort was then rewarded when she received the best grades at the end of the school year. It was at that time, that Tarja was invited to record three songs for an acoustic project. The experience has changed forever her vision about music. With her queenly and bombastic timbre Tarja overshadows the instrumentalists and the Nightwish band doesn´t take much time to transform themselves into something very different. After recording a single electronic model, the musicians signed with Spinefarm Records and in 1997, launched their debut album “Angels Fall First”. The reactions from the public and the press did not wait for long, with the single intentions of raising answers incredibly positives for the new album, the band began to give its first concerts, and since then, the band had become Tarja´s priority who had then placed her academic ambitions temporarily on standby. Nonetheless, among the tours and recording sessions, the vocalist has always been able to combine the riffs from the heavy metal with occasional participations in melodic and sumptuous performances as in Verdi or Wagner concerts. Between 1998 and 2005, Tarja recorded more four albums with the Nightwish, in a sequence- “Oceanborn”, in 1998, “Wishmaster” in 2000, “Century Child” in 2002 and “Once” in 2004, which showed the collective growing incommensurably at all levels.

The musicians set off from the Finn riverbanks to International fame, crossing never navigated seas before and opening as well as preparing new ways to sail in the industry, betting on mixing the weight of the heavy metal with the magnificence of the classical symphonic music. Unstoppable, Tarja had never forgotten about her dreams outside the band, enrolling herself at the Musical University of Karlsruhe, in Germany, to give continuity to her studies in collaborations with musicians such as Beto Vazquez and Anssi Tikammaki.

2004 was a hectic year for Tarja, until then as a vocalist giving her first steps towards a solo career with the edition of the EP “Yhden Enkelin Unelma”, composed by two national Christmas carols- the album became in an improbable hit, reaching the platinum category. In turn, “Once”, the 5th album by the Nightwish, reached the shop-windows on June 7th asserting itself as the best success of the band, becoming the top number 1 sales in five countries, receiving triple platinum in Finland and triple gold in Germany. A promotion world tour, the longest ever for the group, which finished on October 21st 2005 in Helsinki, with a show conceived purposely to a subsequent edition. Right after the performance and unpredictably, Tarja was suspended from the band…. The DVD entitled “End Of Na Era”, would be edited in the summer of the following year.

Having critics and fans from all over the world paying compliments to her enormous talent, Tarja didn’t take long to launch a solo career which has lasted up to now. In 2006 she split herself into various collaborations, which count on performances in musicals, “SPIN” and “Rhapsody” and in “Rock”, where she interpreted a diverse and heavy repertory, of classical rock from the 60´s.Tarja also joined the Savolina Opera Festival as solo singer and collaborated with the famous Finish tenor Raimo Sirka as well as the Symphonic Orchestra of Kuopio, in two sold out concerts, earning frank praises by the critics.




Pontos de Venda: Pontos de Venda: 18 20 (24H); Lojas FNAC; Lojas WORTEN; El Corte Inglés; ABEP; Turismo de Lisboa (Aeroporto e Praça do Comércio); ACP; Lojas PAGAQUI; The Phone House



From 30€ to 35€


07 March 20h30
Show Duration 180 minutes
Minimum Age 6 years
Starting date for Ticket Sales 26-07-2019 10:00
Ending date for Ticket Sales 07-03-2020 23:30
Promoter Prime Artists, Unipessoal Lda

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