Arena Atlântico


The architecture of Altice Arena in its simple and innovative shapes, is one of the poles of attraction of Parque das Nações. A design that breathes modernity and tagged with environmental concerns that wins over its Atlantic visitors and international technicians’ hearts.


We want to go on being excellent to achieve top position in the national events market, immediately retaining our current clients and being on decision makers’ agenda.

Pursuing an agreement and alliance policy to strengthen our core business nationally and internationally and betting on new businesses.

Policies and procedures

Rules for the use of venues and conflict Resolution Mechanism:

The rules in force have the objective of establishing general rules for the use use of Altice Arena, for which the compliance shall be bound by the events’ Promoters, carried out in this space.

The Arena Atlântico, S.A. also includes a conflict Resolution Mechanism as well asa price policy of Altice Arena in show issues.

Quality and Development Office


Altice Arena has a prevention and maintenance plan for the premises, certified by competent authorities, with the view to guarantee the best safety conditions for the public that visits us.

To reinforce the safety conditions at events’ organisation level it has a number of documents, controlled, that may be made available.


Quality Management System

In June of 2007 the Atlântico successfully carried out another event becoming the first Arena of the EAA seeing its Quality Management System certified by NP EN ISO 9001:2000 in the management of Multipurpose Venues and Integrated and Qualified Services Destined to Events.

In 2009 the Atlântico, S.A. finished the first cycle, of three years, that certifies its Quality Management System, under the new NP EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

In 2016 and before the completion of the estimated period to adequate its Management system to the new standard, the Arena Atlântico, saw its model’s quality and the correct assessment to the new standard, supported by an external entity, and is therefore at this point certified according to the NP EN ISO 9001:2015 standard. This standard besides the main requirements of previous versions, namely on the level of clients’ satisfaction, is reflected the sustainability and strategy component.

Quality Policy

It’s common to say “that the future is built everyday”. With this spirit the ARENA ATLÂNTICO, S.A. strives to build the present always thinking about the next day. Adopting and exercising the QUALITY POLICY with relevant importance in our active routine.

Focusing and validating our objectives and interests to have a better response capability to our clients.

Accompanying the demands of the Quality Management System requirements and improving the commitment strategy of top management, we can strongly affirm that we find in the implementation of this policy, the following advantages:

- Satisfy our Clients and Partners’ needs improving the interpreting capacity of their real needs and, for that reason, guarantee total satisfaction;

- Train, evaluate and motivate in such a way as to ensure the best performance and satisfaction of all personnel;

- Define a communication circuit properly cleaned of any ambiguities in order to promote the well-being of teamwork, as well as to ensure the increase of better results;

- Promote teamwork conducted in all areas of activity;

- Enacting in an effective way internal and external communication, as well as, communication of our institutional image;

- Reduce the levels of consumption, increasing energy efficiency, as well as, working for environmental good practices through actions and initiatives at building management level and through the promotion of recycling initiatives and waste separation procedures;

- Improve the relationship with our suppliers and clients through the promotion of partnerships, continuous improvement of all services carried out and the analysis of better business perspectives;

In essence assuming the QUALITY POLICY as an integral part of our organizational system, we will enable better performance, more productiveness and more satisfaction.

Other Certifications

Altice Arena has been recognized for its installation’s qualities through A+ result, within energetic certification and the interior air quality of the buildings. On the contrary to other European cities Lisbon didn’t have a multipurpose hall to host shows, congresses and large-scale sports events.

The existing venues, as well as in the capital as in other point of the country, either had limited capacity – up to 4 thousand seats –or were only adapted to unconventional events as the high level indoor sports.

Besides this, technological apparatus demanded was not available for modern television coverage or by big musical or theatrical shows. There was a vacuum among the halls until four thousand seats, as the Coliseum or pavilions built for other purposes adapted as well as the big open enclosures. This circumstance left the country outside “indoor” sport championships and made it difficult to conduct big concerts in the cold and rainy seasons.

That’s why this type of equipment was chosen to be built, at the Urbanisation plan level for the EXPO’98 area.

This location had the advantage of serving not only the population of the biggest Portuguese metropolitan area but also the country, as a whole given the proximity to the Oriente Station (where the main means of transport connect) and of the main intersections.

The Atlântico Pavilion is a unique venue.

This venue, built between 1996 and 1998, was one the Expo’98 stages at that time called Utopia Pavilion it received in the exhibition period, four months, 440 sessions of the show “Oceanos e Utopias” and nearly four million spectators.

While in other big pavilions of the EXPO’98 (as “Portugal”, “Conhecimento dos Mares” or “Futuro”) the approach to the theme “oceans” was thought of in a historical, scientific and artistic perspective, in this case the magical, dreamy and symbolic side to it was privileged.

Thus, during 132 exhibition days, the Utopia Pavilion was a space open to imagination, reflecting the fears, myths and legends that, throughout history, were associated to the oceans.

Parades of Figures as Daedalus, the first man-bird, gods of Olympus, mythical heroes as Hercules in a succession of colourful pictures: the birth of Man and the Gods, Big Bang, the Deluge, Atlantis, the Discoveries, The conquer of Space, etc., were seen.

A show, repeated four times a day, by François Confino and Philipe Genty and produced by the company Razon. Designed through the conjugation of classical theatrical effects with modern multimedia technologies.

The aesthetics, versatility, flexibility and its architecture with plain and innovative shapes are the perfect frame for events wanted with success.

Made up of three integrated areas, all the spaces re easily adapted to the needs and characteristics of each event. The Atlântico room with an arena of 5 200 m2 and the capacity for 12 500 people seated houses, with a unique versatility and absolute success, all types of events. The Tagus Room, flooded by natural light, it has 2 200 m2 prepared for all ideas. And the Business Centre with its auditorium of 100 seats and 11 integrated room is ready to receive events of small dimension. More recently a new ephemeral venue was created, the Arena Box, an innovative space that appears from a variation of the Atlântico Room with an area of 2 000 m2 and a capacity between 500 and 4 000 people.