Altice Arena has available a cutting-edge studio installed in our MOCHE Room with the best audiovisual solutions for your virtual event.

Displaying virtual scenarios, all kinds of images and combinations are viable, allowing a versatile and ingenious production.

Apart from the excellent location, private parking and a technical team with more than twenty years of experience, our studio has chroma key (green background), lighting, cameras and professional microphones.


  • Sound and lighting
  • Chroma Key (10 x 3m structure)
  • Led wall (6 x 3.5m central screen)
  • Remote connections
  • Control Room and Cameras
  • Live Streaming
  • On Demand Transmission
  • Internet Wi-fi
  • Sanitary facilities and cloakroom
  • Up to 10 vehicles parked
  • Cleaning and sanitization of the studio and all surrounding areas
  • Access control with Security (1 guard)
  • Energy and Climatization

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